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A Passage Through The Purity Of Pain

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A PASSAGE THROUGH THE PURITY OF PAIN - Written and Directed by SUSI MEDUSA GOTTARDI. "Thirty minutes of brutal romantic atmosphere created by Susi Medusa Gottardi. This film relates the story of a true scary event experienced by a band of young extremists of the cross: THE WAY OF PURITY. The four members of this band are musicians united in faith through a blood pact, they have a higher religious mission and are in contrast with their manager: in a moment of very strong emotional tension they are guided, apparently by chance, into a black house inside the dark forests of Bohemia where they find an old tape recorder that contains the harsh, screaming lyrics of a suffering female voice that causes them insane visions of blood and martyrdom. After further research the band finds out that what happened to them has a powerful religious meaning: as this is the voice of a girl's spiritual purity, recorded while she was taking her own life in the name of God back in 1972. Deeply moved by all this, they decided to compose the album "Crosscore" using the voices found on the recorder as main vocals in the songs. Featuring young actress Lena and Steve J. from DerDRAKOS." TRAILER: http://bit.ly/purityofpain


"‘A Passage Through The Purity Of Pain’: esta película de Susi Medusa Gottardi es una auténtica pieza de culto del cine de terror más underground" - Kerrang magazine, Spain